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Our Brands

Kiko Vitals

Taken from Nature. Perfected by science. Kiko is an all-natural, 100% vegan feminine hormone wellness range formulated to find balance within your body.


All natural gut cleansing supplements designed to eliminate toxins, nourish and revitalise your body from the inside out, and naturally proliferates a happy microbiome to balance our bodies.


Nothing beats an armpit that smells like nothing! Natural anti-odorant that allows our bodies to sweat naturally while balancing the microbiome to kill nasty bacteria. No staining, no aluminum, no parabens, no propellants, no alcohol, and most importantly: no stink.


Inspired by Mediterranean living, the sun & sea, travel, fashion and endless summers, Summah is a luxurious lifestyle brand focusing on sustainable, ethical and environmental practices. It is a beautiful blend of quality, sustainability and style, each piece handcrafted through the slow process of weaving & looming beautiful textiles.


An innovative brand known for its premium, affordable and highly effective products, Olió is where plants meet science. Exploring the powerful relationship between human beings and the natural world, Olió produces advanced complementary medicines and nutraceutical products using responsibly-sourced quality ingredients enhanced with innovative technology.